The small business SEO FAQ

Does my small business need SEO?

If you rely only on your Facebook page or word of mouth, you may not need SEO. But if you want to bring in more customers through your website, SEO could have a vital part to play.

  • Your competitors may already be doing SEO – putting you at a disadvantage if you neglect it

Without even some simple SEO, your website could be at a disadvantage.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my competitors already doing SEO? Is this putting me at a disadvantage?
  • Are there any specific weaknesses in my website I’d like to work on?

If your website is optimised well, we would hope to see several benefits.

  1. Credibility. Working to improve Google’s opinion and understanding of your business.
  2. Relevance. Seeking a closer match between what customers want and what your website says.
  3. Search results. Higher rankings for your important key words.
  4. Business improvement. SEO can help you understand your customers better, and identify business opportunities.

Can I do SEO yourself?

Yes. It’s really not that hard, though some technical knowledge is needed. But if you have the time you can definitely learn SEO yourself.

A better question might be “Is it worth the time and effort to do SEO yourself?” For some small business owners, the answer is yet.

Are there problems in the SEO industry?

There are BIG problems in the SEO industry.

What are some warning signs about SEO agencies to avoid?

How can I identify a good SEO agency?

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