Small business SEO

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Small business SEO is all about improving your online performance. If Google and your customers can see you more clearly across the web – and they like what they see – you would expect more enquiries.

Proton Creative considers your entire online presence to find areas that can be improved. The goal of small business SEO is to fundamentally improve your online performance.

  • Higher search rankings
  • Ranking for better keywords
  • More visitors and enquiries
  • Better visibility across the web

There are no guarantees with SEO. But when quality optimisation is carried out, your website should be left in a better position for the future.

Straightforward small business SEO

Proton Creative has learnt what small business owners need in optimisation.

  1. An understanding that business owners have limited time to do SEO themselves.
  2. Honest suggestions, with a focus on the best fit and value for your business.
  3. Communication that really helps you understand what’s happening (and what you’re paying for).
  4. No low quality overseas outsourcing or upselling – ever.
  5. Easy to understand monthly reports and suggestions.

What small business SEO practices do we use?

Proton Creative takes the time to consider your whole online situation. We make recommendations that focus on improving your weaknesses, so you can look forward to seeing real progress.

  • High quality writing designed for your customers
  • Appropriate use of keywords
  • Technical and speed issues on your website
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Conversion optimisation to help turn more visitors into customers
  • Clean up low quality links to your site
  • Online marketing to spread out across the internet – and develop good quality links
  • Useful business listings
  • Consideration of social media
  • Management of online reviews – the good and the bad

Good SEO considers these aspects and more. Call Proton Creative on 0434 991 569 to chat about what you’d like to see improved in your small business online.