Web hosting FAQ

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that stores and makes your website available to visitors across the Internet.

Do I need web hosting?

If you have a website, you need web hosting.

Websites built with all-in-one services like Wix use the built in web hosting provided by Wix. Websites built independently, like those from Proton Creative, need independent web hosting.

5 SEO contractor warning signs

The updated description Nigel Ayling wrote for this group inspired this post. Hope it’s useful.
5 SEO contractor warning signs.
1) Promises top ranking on Google search. No legitimate agency does that. No worthwhile, long term, organic strategy can promise that.
2) Uses cheap overseas outsourcing. It’s just not worth it – it can cause damage to your SEO through bad links, and damage to your reputation through low quality content they put on your website.
3) Talks about providing you with plenty of links to your website. This will inevitably be terrible quality links that Google could even penalise you for. Worthwhile links take time, money and effort to produce.
4) Doesn’t give itemised invoices. You have a right to know exactly what they have done and how much you’ve paid for it.
5) You find yourself spending a lot on Adwords and don’t know where the money is going, or if you’re getting useful results.
6) Doesn’t give clear, concrete answers when asked what SEO strategies they use. They should be able to tell you exactly what they will do, and why.