Digital Marketing for small business

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Digital marketing means advertising your business on the internet. It can be traditional advertising such as paying for ads, or it can be a little

Digital marketing works hand in hand with SEO to get your business seen across the web.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Paying for your ads like Adwords
  • Content Marketing – The creation and sharing of useful or interesting things on the internet
  • Social Media Marketing – Connecting and interacting directly with your potential customers

You often hear that having a great website is not enough. Is that really true?

Actually, it’s becoming more true every day. Just having a good website (even with strong SEO) may no longer be enough to get you seen online.

  1. More businesses are investing time and money in being seen online. Your competitors might already have successful websites and online campaigns. Will you be seen in all that noise?
  2. People are now looking for you in more places than just your website or Google search results. What about Facebook and Google Maps?

It’s still true that in local markets with few sophisticated players, a good website can be a huge advantage. It would be foolish to design a website today without putting SEO near the top of the list. Proton Creative does provide SEO using best practices, and will continue to do so.

But it’s also true that even with good SEO, a website by itself can flounder – especially in more competitive industries. Something more is needed.

How can online marketing help your small business?

If you invest time in actually connecting with your customers online, you will have a significant advantage over many of your competitors. Not talking at them, talking to them.

People are looking for you in far more varied ways than they used to. And they want to connect with businesses in a very natural, human way. Having a faceless brochure style website may not cut it any longer.

Some specific ways Proton Creative can help

  • Make sure you have a presence on every venue your customers look at
  • Teach you how to find where your customers congregate online – and how to talk to them
  • Provide website content that will directly answer the problems your customers want to solve
  • Teach you to reach out to other online venues
  • Set up a professional looking Facebook page
  • Provide you with plan for how to use your Facebook page – or run it for you
  • Evergreen content that you can keep fresh and refer your customers to again and again

It doesn’t have to cost the Earth, but it does have to be done well and with a time and money commitment.